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The Master Coach Philosophy

Having a clearly-defined coaching philosophy and being able to communicate those core values, your leadership style, and minimum expectations to all levels of your program is a pivotal first step for any coach in any sport. This belief system and purpose helps you determine what kind of coach you will be and guides every athlete you come into contact with.

But in the Club volleyball world, where you have an organization (the Club) and a handful of teams under that umbrella – each with its own coach – differing methodologies can muddy the water and lead everyone in different directions.

At Club 940 Volleyball, we use what is called The Master Coach Philosophy.

What is The Master Coach Philosophy?

This revolutionary concept has a Master Coach who teaches his core values, leadership style, training methodologies, curriculum for each practice, and minimum expectations to every coach in the organization. Those coaches then implement that philosophy to their respective teams. The result is that every player on every team throughout the entire Club receives the same instruction, guidance, and mentorship. Other benefits include:

  • Controlled education and mission across the board
  • Consistent teaching tools for every athlete regardless of age
  • Identifying and fixing a player’s areas of weakness faster
  • Fewer coach and player turnover (Club hopping)
  • No guessing games for parents

Collegiate coach Jeff Huebner is the Master Coach and Club Director for Club 940 volleyball. He is a 16-year coaching veteran and has experience at nearly every level of volleyball, including Division I, II, and in the NAIA. Beyond the college level, Coach Huebner coached in middle school, high school, and on the sidelines with his club teams – that stretch included four Top 10 finishes (high school) and six Medal finishes in the 16s and 18s Open Divisions.

Coach Huebner’s philosophy is simple and transcends the expectations that come with learning how to win on the court: help athletes become the best version of themselves. He has a passion for connecting with players and equipping fellow coaches in a way that encourages everyone to grow and develop together toward one common goal.

Why reinvent the wheel?

There are hundreds of tremendous organizations out there, and the quality coaches they each have at their fingertips is amazing. But with The Master Coach Philosophy, you don’t have coaches operating under different rules. As many of you are aware, coaches tend to have free rein with what has worked best for them. Some coaches are structured in their approach while other coaches are more laid-back. You see this more often as your daughter works with different coaches throughout her career, and it can cause a player to regress.

We are not going to hire any coach who does not have an uplifting, nurturing spirit about them. At the end of the day, coaches can be educated on how to coach Club volleyball properly. That’s the easy part of The Master Coach Philosophy. But you can’t insert the right demeanor in how you go about coaching. Our coaches are the best of the best in every way possible, and they all share an intense passion for the sport and compassion for these kids. Coach Huebner’s Master Coach Philosophy simply keeps everyone moving in the same direction.

If a player stays with our Club, The Master Coach Philosophy will create structure as she gets older and develops into the player she is capable of becoming. Problems are identified earlier, and the player’s self-confidence grows.

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