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Master Coach Philosophy: Building Recruitable Athletes

By Steve Gamel, 12/27/18, 4:30PM CST



When it comes to sports, everyone loves a great stat. Well, here’s two that dominated the conversation when we visited with Club 940 Volleyball’s master coach, Jeff Huebner, about building recruitable athletes.

• 85 percent of our 2019 graduating class has already committed to play college volleyball

• 100 percent of those girls have at least sparked interest from multiple programs at all levels (Division I, II, and NAIA)

And here’s the best point of them all for our first-year program: We’re not even into January yet!

That’s something the majority of established club programs can’t say they accomplished when looking back on their first year. So clearly, everyone involved with Club 940 – especially the players – are doing something right. 

And it starts with our Master Coach Philosophy. This revolutionary concept relies on a Master Coach who teaches core values, leadership style, training methodologies, curriculum for each practice, and minimum expectations to every coach in the organization. Those coaches then implement that philosophy to their respective teams. The result is that every player on every team throughout the entire club receives the same instruction, guidance, and mentorship to set them on the proper path toward being recruitable.

“To me, my job as master coach is to plan with intent our practices so that college coaches at any level can see the value of our training,” coach Huebner said. “We want to build recruitable athletes, and we’re doing a great job of that.”

What do we mean by building recruitable athletes?

Building recruitable athletes means putting kids in a position to get noticed AND succeed at the next level. Coach Huebner says there are skills coaches look for to determine if a kid is going to make it at the next level, including discipline, movement, communication, and fundamental skills. If a player lacks in those areas, a coach will likely not consider them.

Because you’ve been showing up to practices, you can see we have spent time making sure our athletes receive training in these vital areas. Once we’ve created recruitable athletes, then we can begin spending time between January and March on the next sequence of skills, such as athleticism, in-game decision making, and continued team improvement.

More importantly, we can start focusing on winning! And that brings us to our final point of this blog.

We know this may sound weird since we are awaiting the start of our first slate of tournaments, but we’re not as focused on racking up a mind-boggling number in the win column now as we are on putting girls in a position to win down the road. Players, coaches, and parents are used to measuring success by wins and losses, but winning in March, April, and May is more critical because that’s when upwards of 500 college coaches will be setting up shop to evaluate. 

That’s not to suggest we don’t intend to win in January, but by March, we want to have girls on the court who can win as teammates and individuals while showcasing skills they’ve learned through our master coach philosophy.


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