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940 Comes to a Close

It is with a heavy heart that we inform you Club 940 will not be returning for the 2020-21 season.  Unfortunately, COVID-19 has created an untenable business model for Club 940 and we will not be able to continue at this time. Serving you and your family has been one of our greatest joysWe have accomplished so much in 2 years. We will miss everyone so much as we move into our next phases of non-Club 940 life. Personally, Club 940, has truly been family to us. 

 “Thank You's”: 

  • Thank you to the players that have supported us, hopefully, we will continue to see you at camps and at your high school matches. We will miss you all, from 12-18's, and the value added to our lives in your joy and passion for playing. 
  • Thank you to the parents. We have never been a part of a more committed and understanding group than this past year with Club 940. You all have been responsive, patient, and committed to the process and we will always value that.  It is no wonder why these young athletes are so successful with parents like you! 
  • Thank you to our coaches. There's no way for us to truly articulate how important you all are. Every one of our players have been influenced by you, your commitment to excellence, your consistency in showing up for young people is one of the most powerful things we can do in our community and you all have dedicated yourselves to it in a unique, selfless and wonderful way. 
  • Thank you to Erin Huebner. Erin has been so committed to us all, advocating for your success, putting in hours and hours of work with a new baby, 3 children, and been so consistent and ready to respond to everyone. We 100% could not have accomplished all we have without her work.
  • Thank you to Jennifer and Ty.  We know you all don't see or interact with them as often we do, but their goal has always been to do something different, offer something unique and above reproach, and to become a value add to the Volleyball Community. They have certainly done that.


2 Year Club Accomplishments:

  • 25 Teams serving over 250 players
  • 1 of 2 teams ever to qualify for Tour of Texas in the first year of club existence
  • 100% of 2019-2020 teams made a gold bracket
  • 100% of our senior graduates have had a collegiate volleyball opportunity
  • 18 Black became our first team to qualify for USA Volleyball Nationals this year by winning the American Volleyball Challenge in 3!
  • Summer Clinic Series Served over 300 individuals in 2019
  • In 2019-2020 Club 940 finished in the Gold Bracket of the final day of play more than 65% of the time, AS A CLUB.
  • 1 Player to Make the USA High-Performance A2 Team


Please be safe and healthy, and as always, Go 940! 


2020 Season Refund Information

An Explanation of Refunds

On March 13, 2020, no one could have possibly anticipated how the COVID-19 pandemic would impact the country’s health and economy.  Club 940 was one of the first clubs in the area to announce its season cancellation and announce that we would extend partial refunds for the season to our families. The difficult decision to end the season was driven by our sense of responsibility for the safety and health of our club’s staff and families.   While there have been a few families that have expressed disappointment with the percentage of their fees returned, we are unbelievably grateful for the understanding of most of our families. 

The refund process was extremely complex due to several factors that varied based first by team and then by family, depending on the family's account standing with the club.  Those that have a balance greater than the refund will not receive a refund.   We would like our families to know the complexity of a volleyball club budget and why club volleyball can be very costly despite the club’s efforts to run a zero-balance budget.

To help our families understand why their refunds may have been less than anticipated, we would like to be clear that the 2020 season commenced with tryouts in July 2019 and finished in March 2020. Therefore, even though teams were not in practices that entire time, our staff was hard at work before players stepped foot on the court.  Most of the planning and preparation for the season takes place by our full-time staff in June, July, August, and September. The remainder of the season is equally busy with managing parent and player communication, adjusting tournament schedules, handling hotel accommodations, creating rosters, tournament scheduling and adjusting each week, parent, coach and player management, practice planning, uniform dissemination and adjustments, etc.  Running a volleyball club is a massive undertaking and the associated costs when running a volleyball club like Club 940 is frankly expensive.

We are providing you with a more detailed list of what the refundable and non-refundable line items in our budget were when calculating refunds. Please see the list below. 


  • Tournament entry fees of canceled events (which varies per team based on the event based on location (downtown/large city); length of the event (1, 2, or 3 days); and/or type of event (1-day event,  2-day tournament or a 3-day qualifier).
  • Unused or partially refunded coach travel expenses (which varied based on travel distance, length of event, and location of the event) 
  • Percentage of unused coaching and court rental time, which varies based on time of day and time of the season

Please note: Tournament hosts did not refund 100% of the tournament registration fees that Club 940 prepaid  (as most had overhead costs or prepaid costs that were also non-refundable).  None of our flights for coaches were refunded.    


  • Tryout Costs 
  • Custom Uniforms
  • Custom Warm-ups 
  • Custom Warm-up Shirts
  • Custom Practice Shirts
  • Custom Backpacks
  • Shoes
  • Staff annual salaries
  • Marketing and Advertising Fees
  • Sports Engine Subscription
  • Hudl Subscription
  • Education/Training Fees 
  • Dues/Subscriptions 
  • Staff Customized Gear/Uniforms
  • Website Fees and Management
  •  Credit Card Processing Fees
  • Accountant Fees
  • Office Supplies
  • Equipment Replacement Costs
  • Liability Insurance 
  • I-pads
  • Computers

Everyone should receive their refund by the first week in August.  All refunds are final.  But, should you have questions please email

It has been a pleasure serving your family and our community!

Please stay safe and healthy, and as always Go 940!